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Conventions We're Attending

These are the conventions we're currently planning to attend. (If you're only looking for the events that Steve's attending, that list is over here.) For a listing of ALL the game conventions we've been told about, click here. If you would like a Steve Jackson Games staffer at your event, please read our guidelines for requesting a guest for your convention.

We are more than happy to help you promote your convention. If you'd like to add your con to our list, use our handy convention registry form.

We can also provide support (i.e. free stuff) to GMs who run SJ Games events at conventions – just ask us!. And we can sometimes provide other types of convention support . . . send mail to and let us know how we can help.

You can download these posters to publicize your games and help you find new players at conventions (or stores, or schools)!

We also need volunteers to help us with the SJ Games booth at certain conventions.

Caution and Disclaimer: SJ Games provides this page as a public service. The information has been provided by the conventions themselves. We cannot be responsible for errors, changes of plans, hoaxes, or Acts of God. Or the other side, for that matter. If you plan to attend, please contact the convention and verify things for yourself ahead of time!

February 2016 • April 2016 • May 2016 • July 2016 • August 2016 • November 2016

February 2016

*Feb. 21-28: JoCo Cruise – Eastern Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean
Location: Eastern Caribbean
What is the JoCo Cruise? Look here ( ) . Or, for those who didn't click the link: it's a week on the Caribbean on a humongous luxurious boat, with some excellent musicians, starting with Jonathan Coulton himself and backed up by Paul and Storm and a lot of other talent. You really ought to go click that link. For this year's JoCo Cruise we are doing three special events for the gaming track: a general "What's New at SJ Games" event at which secrets will be revealed, a status report on the Munchkin Shakespeare brainstorm that Steve and Andrew did on last year's cruise, and a NEW brainstorm at which the attendees will get to help Steve and Andrew rough out a new, NON-Munchkin game. In our fourth event there will be a Munchkin playoff. Four aspiring munchkins will win seats at that table during the cruise's earlier gaming events. They will play against Steve Jackson himself! If He wins, he keeps the prize! Fnord.
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Andrew Hackard, Andreas Stein, and Steve Jackson

April 2016

*Apr. 7-10: Emerald City Comic Con – Seattle, WA
Location: Emerald City Comicon takes place at the Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
Emerald City Comicon is the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Northwest, taking place in beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington.
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Andreas Stein and Guy Himber

*Apr. 22-24: PAX East – Boston, MA
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center ( BCEC )
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Andreas Stein

May 2016

*May 27-30: BGG.CON Spring – Dallas, Texas
Location: Hyatt Regency DFW Airport
Contact Person: Guy HImber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Guy Himber

July 2016

*July 1-3: RTX – Austin, Texas
Location: Austin Convention Center
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Guy Himber

*July 7-10: ConnectiCon – Hartford, CT
Location: Connecticut Convention Center
ConnectiCon is a massively multi-genre convention held at the Connecticut Convention Center & Hartford Marriott Downtown the weekend of July 7-10, 2016 in Hartford, CT! Featuring the genres of anime, gaming, web-comics, science-fiction, fantasy and more, ConnectiCon is bound to have something of interest for the whole family. At ConnectiCon, convention members will find entertainment including (but not limited to!) gaming tournaments, video screenings of anime and major motion pictures, informative panels, workshops and demonstrations, and a 80, 000 Sq. Ft. Dealers Room, Artist Colony, and Online Media Guest Hall! Fans will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of their favorite entertainment industries as well as meet special guests of honor including Hollywood actors, anime voice actors, comic artists, game designers and more!
Contact Person: Erica McCarthy
SJ Games Staff Attending: Andrew Hackard

August 2016

*Aug. 1: PAX Prime – Seattle, WA
Location: Official event Dates and Locations pending
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Andreas Stein

*Aug. 4-7: Gen Con – Indianapolis, Indiana
Location: Indiana Convention Center
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Guy Himber, Phil Reed, and others to be announced

*Aug. 4-7: Munchkin Tavern 2016 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Location: Tavern On South, 423 West South Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Contact Person: Tavern On South
SJ Games Staff Attending: Bridget Westerman, Guy Himber, and others to be announced

November 2016

*Nov. 1: BGG.CON Fall – Dallas, Texas
Location: Official event dates and location pending
Contact Person: Guy Himber
SJ Games Staff Attending: Guy Himber

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