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Convention and Trade Show Schedule

This is a schedule of the game conventions that we know about, some of which we plan to attend. We are more than happy to help you promote your convention. If you'd like to add your con to our list, use our handy convention registry form.

We can also provide support to GMs who run SJ Games events at conventions and other types of convention support, such as GMs to run SJ Games events! Send mail to and let us know how we can help.

You can download these posters to publicize your games and help you find new players at conventions (or stores, or schools)!

We also need volunteers to help us at conventions.

[SJG Attended] Conventions listed with this pyramid symbol will have an SJ Games staffer in attendance. (For a list of JUST those conventions we'll be attending, click here.) If you would like a Steve Jackson Games staffer at your event, please read our guidelines for requesting a guest for your convention.

Caution and Disclaimer: SJ Games provides this page as a public service. The information has been provided by the conventions themselves. We cannot be responsible for errors, changes of plans, hoaxes, or Acts of God. Or the other side, for that matter. If you plan to attend, please contact the convention and verify things for yourself ahead of time!

February 2018 • February 2019 • March 2019 • April 2019 • May 2019 • June 2019 • July 2019 • August 2019

February 2018

February 2019

Feb. 7-10: Game-o-Rama – Alpharetta, GA
Location: Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta
Boardgame fans from across the Southeast gather for four days of fun and games. Hundreds of the world's best boardgames are available for play, as well as friendly folks who can help with the rules.
Contact Person: Ward Batty
For more info, contact: 3717 Evans Dale Drive., Atlanta GA 30340

Feb. 22-24: MystiCon – Roanoke, Virginia
Location: Holiday Inn – Tanglewood, 4468 Starkey Road, SW, Roanoke, VA 24018
The original MystiCon, which took place over July 4th weekend in 1980 was considered a big party by most, but has recently been revived to take place in our favorite Roanoke, VA location, the Tanglewood Holiday Inn. The location and time of year that MystiCon takes place is one that fans, family and friends alike have come to rely on for an awesome weekend of SciFi, Fantasy and Pop Culture. This convention was resurrected in 2010 by a collection of cool zany and passionate people that wanted to keep the family-friendly traditions of open gaming, enjoyment of different literature, arts, imaginations and camaraderie any Con-goer will surely enjoy! We look forward to seeing you there!
Contact Person: MystiCon

Feb. 28-Mar. 3: SaltCON "Spring" 2019 – Layton, UT
Location: Davis Conference Center, 1651 North 700 West, Layton, Utah 84041
Utah's Largest Board Game Conventions
Contact Person: Dale Gifford
For more info, contact: Dale Gifford, 3730 S. Brookside Dr., West Valley, UT 84120

March 2019

Mar. 7-10: GaryCon – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Location: Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, 7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, United States
Contact Person: GaryCon

Mar. 14-17: Emerald City CC – Seattle, Washington
Location: 705 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Emerald City Comic Con is the destination comic and pop culture show for the Pacific Northwest. ECCC delivers the best that the comics and pop culture industry has to offer directly from the creators, bringing super fans exactly what they crave: interaction with quality content and guests and an inclusive space to celebrate their fandom.
Contact Person: Emerald City CC

Mar. 28-31: GameStorm 21 – Portland, OR
Location: Red Lion Jantzen Beach Hotel, 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217
GameStorm is the premiere gaming convention in the Pacific Northwest. Our four day event covers a very wide range of games as well as game design and publishing education. Everything from LARPs like live action Hungry Hippos, to card games like Munchkin Collectable Card game, to RPGs like GURPS and D&D, to all kinds of board games of every stripe, to miniature games like Ogre and Battletech, to console and LAN games, and everything in between. We've even had escape rooms and miniature painting contests. Come check us out.
Contact Person: Rodney E. Barnes
For more info, contact: 12627 SE Harold Street, Portland OR 97236

Mar. 30: EGOCON – Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Location: Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center, 1001 Amber Avenue, Stevens Point, WI 54482, 715-344-0200
A Science-Fiction-Fantasy-Gaming Event hosted by the N.E.W. Friends of the Doctor (established 1983) (a group of enthusiasts who are interested in practically everything). Egocon has full sized Daleks, board games, Mason's Quest, charity auction (proceeds going to WI Public TV, and to St. Paul's Food Pantry in Stevens Point) dealers, guests, classes. The con is small and friendly atmosphere for all ages.
Contact Person: Paulette Imhoff
For more info, contact: EGOCON, P.O.Box 112, Rothschild, WI 54474-0112

April 2019

Apr. 6-7: Sails and Swords Con – Butte, MT
Location: We are still exploring venues right now. Our current choice would force us to charge vendors and we would like to avoid that.
A con centered loosely around vikings, pirates, and maybe ninjas if we can catch them. City wide scavenger hunt, beard/mustache contest, art hall, vendors, food, guest speakers, demos, gaming and more...
Contact Person: Christie (Stormy) Standish
For more info, contact: 1907 Whitman Ave., Butte, MT 59701

Apr. 20: Cheyenne Gaming Convention – Cheyenne, Wyoming
Location: Red Lion Inn
The Wyoming Gaming Library is excited to announce the first annual Cheyenne Gaming Convention, Board games, CCG events, RPG events, video game tournaments, workshops, various vendors, and much more! Get ready to get your game on, Cheyenne!
Contact Person: Zavier Bates
For more info, contact: 1500 avenue C Lot 35 Cheyenne WY 82007

May 2019

May 23-27: Atlanta Game Fest 33 – Alpharetta, GA
Location: Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta
Boardgame fans from across the Southeast gather for four days of fun and games. Hundreds of the world's best boardgames are available for play, as well as friendly folks who can help with the rules.
Contact Person: Ward Batty
For more info, contact: 3717 Evans Dale Drive., Atlanta GA 30340

May 31-June 2: LibertyCon – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Location: The Read House, 107 W M L King Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37402
You probably know by now that LibertyCon is a convention that prides itself on great guests, phenomenal panels, a killer ConSuite and our ‘Family Friendly Atmosphere'. We're a convention that is small on purpose (we limit the attendees to 750, which is actually set in stone in our Charter) since we want to give the fans a chance to sit down and chat with the guests. Sure we could try to bring in twice the attendees, but do you think you'd be able to sit on a couch with Terry Brooks talking about law or playing Magic the Gathering with Brandon Sanderson if we did?
Contact Person: LibertyCon

June 2019

June 12-16: Origins 2019 – Columbus, Ohio
Location: 400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Welcome to your first adventure at Origins! There are literally thousands of people who come year after year to this great show, but we are particularly happy when new folks join us for the first time. This is an exciting opportunity for you to discover the magic of an entire convention center full of gaming and game-related activities. Frankly, we kind of envy you and that first-time wonder. Remember, it isn't just a con but an adventure!
Contact Person: Origins

July 2019

July 13-19: GACUCon Game Cruise – Miami, Florida
Location: Multiple Locations through the event days:, 13 & 14 July: Hialeah Gardens Holiday Inn, 15 - 19 July: Royal Caribbean
GACUCon is a gaming and fandom event aboard a cruise ship including a pre-cruise party in South Florida called GACUBash. This event includes cruise ship travel to the Bahamas, all you can eat buffets, non-alcoholic beverages, 24/7 event room with manga, comic and tabletop libraries. It also includes scheduled cruise activities such as comedy shows, ice rink, art galleries, excursions and more. The GACUCon Game Cruise lets you relax, enjoy the hobby, meet new people and take a vacation with as much or as little adventure as needed.
Contact Person: Andru Fratarcangeli
For more info, contact: 2736 Fenway Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23323

August 2019

Aug. 15-19: Worldcon – Dublin, Ireland
Location: Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, D01 T1W6, Ireland
We've brought together old and new voices to organise Dublin 2019, and want to be able to welcome all fans from around the globe in order to make a diverse, exciting and vibrant Worldcon happen in this lovely city. As well as bringing the rich history of Ireland's science fiction and fantasy to Worldcon, we also want to celebrate its current voices, and to reach beyond traditional Worldcon audiences to celebrate the greatest parts of SF/F media and culture on an international level.
Contact Person: Worldcon

Aug. 24-25: Tabletop Scotland – Perth, Scotland
Location: Dewars Centre, Perth, Scotland.
2 day board, card & RPG convention. 2018 was our first year and we had 27 different exhibitors (4 retailers with the rest being publishers and crafters who make tabletop related items). We expect that to increase to over 40 in 2019. We had 14 tables of RPGs running in 5 slots over the weekend. We expect that to increase to 20 in 2019. We have 500 seats for open play / demos of board games. We are planning to increase that to 1, 000 in 2019. We hosted a 3 seminars in 2018 on accessibility, game design and a panel show. We're aiming to have a lot more in 2019 including topics like RPG design, world design, art (including a showing of Eye Of The Beholder : D&D Art movie) and more.
Contact Person: David Wright
For more info, contact: David Wright, 8 Elm Grove, St Monans, Fife, Scotland, UK, KY10 2DA

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