Roleplayer #13, February 1989

Humanx Ranged Weapons Errata

With the publication of GURPS High-Tech, many or our worldbooks need to be updated to conform with the new format. Here are the new weapon stats for GURPS Humanx.

Humanx Ranged Weapons Table (p. HX53)

Charged-particle PistolCrush2d+11041007501-1103~83
Dart PistolSpcl.Spcl.104503001-1203~73
Electrocution GunSpcl.Spcl.108502,5002-15183
Hornet VIImp.1d+21061003008001-11003~83
Laser PistolImp.1d972005001,00020203~83
Thranx NeedlerImp.2d1043008002,00050203~82
Neuronic PistolSpcl.Spcl.10610202,25020253~90
Paralysis BeamerSpcl.Spcl.68251,50020153~96
Paxton V*Expl.3d+314203,0005,000157061/270
SikambiImp.Thrust+1104ST × 10ST × 152003011/424
MHW ShockerCrush1d106152503~84
MHW NeedlerImp.3d1065001,20003~84
Skimmer LaserImp.5d10126002,00003~80

* Paxton V missiles do 3d+3 Concussion damage and 2d Fragmentation damage. There are two types of shell, HE and APX. HE explode as soon as they hit a solid target. APX penetrate DR at 7d, then explode. An explosion inside a living target does five times normal damage to that target.

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