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This is a single window where you can view and access nearly every aspect of your character, from attributes to equipment. If you haven’t changed the program’s default behavior (see Options), GCA will open to this page on start-up.

Along the top of the window is a row of buttons. With the window maximized, these buttons will be immediately below the toolbar, otherwise they’ll be just below the window caption.

The buttons to the left of the row are for changing the zoom factor of the display. You can click these buttons to change the size of the sheet, or you can double-click on a blank part of the page to do the same thing. Double right-clicking will zoom out, while double left-clicking will zoom in.

The remaining two buttons allow you to switch between the two available pages. Page 1 covers everything except spells and equipment, while page 2 covers only spells and equipment.

Most of the window shows the character sheet, of course, as well as other information of interest. You can move around the window using the scroll bars, the arrow keys, or by clicking and dragging a blank spot of the page.

There are a number of boxes on the quick view sheet. With the exception of the Reaction Modifiers box, each of these is a field that can be edited. The contents of these fields are in red text, a further reminder that they can be edited. (The Reaction Modifiers box remains in standard black text, since it cannot be edited.)

If you click inside one of the field boxes, it will turn into a text entry box, which you can enter information into. You can close the box by clicking elsewhere, or hitting the Enter or Tab keys.

If you enter text for an attribute, such as ST or Per, GCA will calculate the cost for the value you entered, and enter it into the points section next to the attribute.

There are also a number of buttons on the sheet. Each button is for a particular trait, and clicking it will call up a trait dialog that corresponds to one of the trait windows. For example, clicking the Advantages button will call up an Advantages dialog. (The dialogs are exactly the same as the trait windows, discussed elsewhere. The only difference is the addition of an OK button, which tells GCA that you’re done with that trait dialog and want to return to the Quick View window.)

Below each button is a text area displaying the character’s current traits of that type. These traits are in blue text, to let you know that they are a field which you can modify. If you click one of the listed traits, it will be replaced with an edit bar, which looks like this:

The exact appearance of the edit bar will vary, but it will always have fields corresponding to the fields shown on the Quick View sheet.

Note that for smaller zoom factors, the edit bar will take up two rows of text on the sheet, as shown in the picture above. At higher zoom factors it will fit on one row.

You can use the up/down buttons on the edit bar in the same fashion as on the trait windows, to change the level or quantity of the selected trait.

On the left end of the edit bar is the Delete button, which will allow you to delete the currently selected trait. GCA will ask for confirmation before actually deleting the trait.

On the right end of the edit bar is the Edit button. Clicking this is the same as clicking an Edit button on a trait window – it will call up an Edit window with the current trait information filled in.

When you are done working with the item in the edit bar, you can close it by clicking onto another item or onto a blank part of the page.

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