Pyramid Pick: Priest's Spell Compendium Volume Three (for AD&D)

Pyramid Pick

Priest's Spell Compendium Volume Three

Published by Wizards of the Coast

Developed and edited by Jon Pickens

286 pages, $24.95

If this were merely the last collection of Priest's spells from various sources, it wouldn't need a review. Everyone would know that this entire book contained a listing of spells done alphabetically from Spike Growth to Zone of Truth. Oh certainly, the various symbols that denote setting are helpful. Of course the introduction and the brief definitions of the various schools are nice, but still, twenty-five dollars for a mere listing of spells is a bit high of a price. The appendices, however, make this a must have volume for anyone who ever wants to play a cleric or specialty priest.

The Spell Appendices cover the range from the very powerful Quest Spells to the more mundane Orisons. Those who want even more power than the Quest spells provide can use the spells that deal with Psionic Enchantments, spells ranging from 8th to 10th level. Fans of the Dark Sun setting will remember these. The rules for using such spells, as well as an extended cleric spell casting list are included for ease of use. The list of Orisons includes not only all those found in old Dragon issues, such as the Druid Orisons, but brand new ones like Handfire, and Incense. Lastly, some may have noticed that there have been no spells for the Sphere of War. Because these spells tend to rely on the Battlesystem miniature rules, they have given their own section and are complete . . .

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Article publication date: February 18, 2000

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