Pyramid Review: Fairy Meat

Pyramid Review

Fairy Meat

Published by Kenzer & Company

Designed by Scott Leaton

44 page rulebook including 12 pages of cardboard counters and figures; $24.88

Although few will admit it, everyone has always suspected that those fairies were up to no good. That they are a bunch of violent cannibals, however, may shock even the most ardent fairy critic. The makers of Knights of the Dinner Table bring their sense of humor to the world of fairy-on-fairy battle in Fairy Meat, a fast-playing miniature war game. Designer Scott Leaton has created an entertaining game with easy movement rules, simple magic use, and a combat system that uses regular playing cards instead of dice.

The entire game is included in 44 pages of rules, 12 of which are cardboard counters and cardboard fairy figures. The rules are clear and well organized. The art has the lush flavor of typical fantasy art, but is mixed with the cannibalism theme, making for somewhat gruesome scenes.

The world of Fairy Meat is our own world, and the scale is 1:1. Thus, any playing surface will do, and any existing obstacles are appropriate as well. For example, a table with soda cans, snack food, and game books is a suitable field of combat. Players will have to cut out the circular counters (although a separate Components Pack contains die-cut counters) and will either assemble the cardboard fairy miniatures, or use the cardboard wings and weapons to make any other miniature into a fairy. . . .

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Article publication date: May 18, 2001

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