Pyramid Pick: Champions

Pyramid Pick

Champions (for Hero System 5th Edition)

Published by Hero Games

Written by Aaron Allston & Steven S. Long

Art by Storn Cook, Andrew Cremeans, Albert Deschesne, Malcolm T. Harrison, Jeff Hebert, Eric Rademaker, & Greg Smith

216 pages; $29.99

If you are a roleplaying fan of the superheroic genre -- either in comics or in gaming -- and have not yet purchased Champions, the newest edition of one of the most venerable supers RPGs -- it's probably because you didn't know it was out. It is. Go buy it.

Okay; if you're still reading, yet have not purchased the book, perhaps it's because you haven't heard of it before, or maybe it's because you have heard of it before, but believed it was designed only for the Hero System, or only targeted at fans of the Champions universe. This review, then, is for you.

If the Hero System 5th Edition is a toolkit, providing the rules and framework necessary to run the mechanics of a game, then Champions is everything else . . . at least, for the costumes-and-cape crowd. Whereas in previous editions this material was found more closely tied with the Hero System rules -- for example, as the second half of the classic 4th Edition hardcover -- this time it has received its own book. In so doing, Aaron Allston has been able to greatly expand, revise, and add to this material, creating a book with so much generic material that anyone running or playing in a superheroic campaign for any game system would do well to read this.

Chapter One is an overview . . .

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Article publication date: February 28, 2003

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