Pyramid Review

Sharn: City of Towers (for Eberron)

Designed by Keith Baker & James Wyatt

Edited by Bill Slavicsek

Art by Robert Raper, Wayne Reynolds, Daniel Hawkins, Dennis Kauth, Rob Lazzaretti, Jason Alexander, Tomm Coker, Eric Deschamps, Tomas Giorello, Howard Lyon, Charles P. Morrow, Lucio Parrillo, Steve Prescott, Francis Tsai, Anne Stokes, Anthony Waters, & James Zhang

192-page full-color hardback & 45-minute instrumental music CD; $29.95

The darkness that Wizards of the Coast tried for (and missed) in the Eberron core rulebook is actually starting to take shape in the second hardback in the series. Sharn: City of Towers brings more of that Dashiell Hammett feel to the surface by touring through the many levels of the lofty city.

Sharn is the largest city in Khorvaire and, though not its capital, vital to the nation of Breland. Everyone and everything goes through it (or ends up there), including transportation and communication systems . . . to say nothing of the fact that anyone wanting to go to the dark continent of Xen'drik will probably use it as a home base. Divided in many ways -- by economics, by neighborhoods, by towers -- it sits on a fiery foundation, massive lakes of fire used as forges by the goblinoids before they were driven from the area. Since then the town has undergone many changes, and now those industrial underpinnings are called the Cogs. The further up the towers you go, the better the standard of living becomes, until finally you reach veritable mansions . . .

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Article publication date: February 25, 2005

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