Pyramid Review

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition

Published by Green Ronin

Designed by Steve Kenson

Edited by Jon Leitheusser, Evan Sass, Marc Schmalz, & Chris Pramas

Art & graphics by Hal Mangold, Ramón Pérez, Attila Adorjany, Balaskas, Brett Barkley, Greg Boychuk, Eric Canete, Jeff Carlisle, Sean Chen, Steve Conley, Storn A. Cook, Talon Dunning, Tom Fowler, Tariq Hassan, Cully Hamner, Scott James, Georges Jeanty, Christopher Jones, "Rey" Lewis, Axel Ortiz, Tony Parker, Ramon k Perez, Conley Philpott, Steve Scott, Kevin Stokes, Craig Taillifer, Udon with Chris Stevens, Dexter Vines, Eric Wight, Marc Schmalz, & Rick Achberger

256-page full-color hardcover; $39.95

Mutants and Masterminds took the game world by storm four years ago. With everyone scrambling for d20 System-compatible works to score a coveted d20 System cover logo, Green Ronin decided to test looser waters -- so long as you stuck to the OGL and forewent the Dungeons & Dragons-suggestive insignia, you had free rein in your book. As with any second edition, the two questions on everyone's mind are, "Do I have to buy this thing again?" and "Well . . . is it worth it?"

Some cosmetics: 192 pages became 256 cheaper, gloriously full-color pages. The artwork is by many of the same names, and the style has even matured. It still follows the "one chapter per subject" format, even for brief topics, but with fewer full-page indulgences. Major ideas like how rolls and saving throws work are summarized neatly. . . .

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Article publication date: April 28, 2006

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