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September 3, 2014: The LEGO Ogre Could Still Happen!

LEGO has reworked their crowdsourcing site. Its new name is LEGO Ideas. The Ogre project by GlenBricker is still up, and as of this moment has 1,029 votes. But it needs 10,000 to advance. Can we do it? Ogre fans, please, follow the link (you'll need to take a minute to sign up) and support this project. It's a good model - it was one of the first Staff Picks posted when the new site was unveiled.

We got a very friendly message from the Ideas team at the 1,000-supporter mark:

"How can a tank named Ogre be so lovely? You've done it again! This game has a huge following and quite a history, and these models would be a must-have for tournaments...or just intimidating your opponents.

"Good luck as you battle your way to 10,000 supporters!

Ogre is not the only excellent project up there, either. When I logged in today, I saw and supported a model of the Natural History Museum in London (where . . . [more]

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