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April 21, 2019: Crowdfunding Focus: Monster Terrain

Wow, look at the terrain! It's pretty, it's useful, and it's cheap. No wonder it funded in the first few hours. I can tell that some real thought went into this, and I wish them much luck.
The "Monster Terrain" Kickstarter is prepainted plastic. They have a very nice gimmick for their trees – perhaps it has been done before, but I don't recall seeing it. Each tree starts as a bare trunk, and you may either play it that way, or place a canopy of leaves on top. You can order the trees in spring or autumn foliage.
The rocks are not just rocks – they've given some thought to the geometry, which I will not retype here; go read their campaign.
They've designed a faux-wood piece that can be set up either as a bridge or a barricade.
And there are neoprene mats, the gamer crack of 2019.
If you like miniature table gaming, visit and check out their Stuff.

-- Steve Jackso . . . [more]

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