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September 30, 2016: Last Day To Back Dungeon Fantasy On Kickstarter!

This is it – the last day to back our Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter! It's been a long journey, but we're finally coming down the stretch. It's time to clear out of the dungeon.

If you haven't backed yet, give the campaign a look. Be sure to check out the Add-Ons and Stretch Goals sections to see the cool stuff we've added: multiple PDFs, extra accessories like the GM screen, Cardboard Heroes, plastic bases, and even a 12-month Pyramid subscription. You can add on individually, but if you want a great deal on a massive amount of content, look for the "I Want It All!" tier, where you get more than $590 worth of stuff for only $250. That's a savings of over . . . a lot of money. (I'm a writer, not a math-er.)

It's been quite an adventure, especially for me, as this is my first Kickstarter with SJ Games. We appreciate everyone who has backed, and anyone who is jumping on board. I . . . [more]

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