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December 1, 2015: Get Random At Warehouse 23

Do you like games? Do you like swag? Do your friends like games and swag? Do you like a good deal? Do you like surprises? Wait, is that too many questions? If you have trouble trying to choose gifts for your best gaming buddies, just "let the fates decide"!

We're excited to introduce our brand new 2015 Holiday Grab Boxes. They come in 2 flavors: the Surprise Me! Grab Box, for when you want something seriously random, and for those who want a little less mystery in life, there's the Mostly Munchkin Grab Box choice, which gives you -- as the name implies clearly states -- mostly Munchkin stuff.

Each of these beguiling boxes is just $40 and guarantees you at least $80 worth of games, gear, and goodies.

What's in them? Who knows? Maybe some hard-to-find Warehouse 23 exclusive swag, maybe that one game you've been meaning to buy, maybe something no longer available in most retail stores! . . . [more]

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