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Computer Aids For Our Games

This is our list of gamer-created computer aids for our games. Everything in this section was written by fans, for fans.

All programs in this section are protected by the copyright of SJ Games and/or the original author, as marked for each program. You are welcome to download and use them. If a program is marked as shareware, please send its author the suggested contribution if you find the program useful! Reproduction by any other means is prohibited. Re-posting elsewhere for electronic access, or republication in disk form, is specifically prohibited unless a note with the specific program says otherwise!

Please notify us if you find any of these utilities reproduced elsewhere.

Want To Write One Yourself?

If you'd like to write a program for the enjoyment of your fellow fans, we'll do our best to make it possible. Trademark and copyright law requires us to require you to go through certain formalities. We hope to make them relatively painless. See our licensing policy and our online policy for more information. If you have further questions, contact

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GURPS Utilities

Character Design:

GM Assistance:

  • Combat Play Aids: The following documents were created by Warren "Mook" Wilson to help streamline combat in a GURPS game. They are in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you may still be able to view/print them using Microsoft's free Word viewer, or download a PDF version created by Walter Milliken.
    • Combat Flowchart - This is a reproduction of the GURPS 'combat flow chart' found on pp. CII 48-51, but formatted to fit on both sides of a single standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. PDF Version
    • Combat Table - This is a collation of all of the tables and modifiers referenced by the 'combat flow chart' (above), also reformatted to fit on both sides of a single standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. PDF Version
    • Combat Cards - This document contains all of the possible combat maneuvers and active defenses from the GURPS core rulebooks, formatted so each maneuver and all relevant modifiers/rules fit on a single standard index card. PDF Version
    • Dave Kagarise has contributed a new colorized version of the Combat Cards PDF that requires less paper to print. Printing and cutting instructions are included in the file.

  • GURPS NPC Generator (Andrew Colemen) - This shareware GURPS NPC generator is for those GMs that need a quick villan, ally, or cannon fodder. [more info]

  • GURPS Vehicle Designer 1.28 (Mike Joseph) - This Windows 95/98/NT Utility makes designing a vehicle in GURPS Vehicles Second Edition a snap. [more info]

  • GURPS Vehicles 2/e Creation Sheet version 5.2 (Alan Atkinson) - This nifty little sheet for Microsoft Works 4 or Excel speeds up the vehicle design process tremendously.

  • Creating your own pet robot is easier than ever with David Jackson's Robot Spreadsheet. David's spreadsheet is for use with Microsoft Excel and requires GURPS Robots. From creation of the deadliest warbot to the synthetic animal companion you have always wanted, this spreadsheet handles it all. (572K)

  • Energy Weapon Spreadsheet (Greg Henle) - This ingenious, printable Java-script application does all of the calculations for you when designing energy weapons from GURPS Vehicles!

  • GURPS Traveller Ships (Thomas Bont) - a vehicle creation program for GURPS Traveller (701K). [more info]

  • Space Dock (Andrew Batishko) - a utility for designing spaceships that are fully compatible with the rules presented in GURPS Traveller. For Windows 95/98/NT (4.2 Meg). [more info]

  • GURPS Traveller Shipyard (Rob Prior) - for Macintosh. (158 K)

  • GURPS Cribsheet V2.1 (PostScript (48 K) or Acrobat PDF (12 K)) (Soh Kam Hung). Tons of useful GM tables and charts suitable for printing on A4 or US legal-size paper.

  • Solar System Constructor (73K) (Marcus L. Hulings).File for Microsoft Excel and Corel Quattro Pro 9 to allow you to completely design solar systems down to the smal lest detail.

  • StarGen for MS-DOS (102K PKZIP archive) (Timothy Cain). A really great program for creating whole star sectors and zooming in to generate individual stellar systems.

  • StarGen for Mac (144K Stuffit archive) (Timothy Cain). The same thing, for you Mac users.

  • Graph paper printer is free software to print a variety of types of graph paper. Hexes, squares, Mercator grids, ect...

  • PostScript code for generating hexpaper:
    1. (Daniel C. Nygren)
    2. HexGrid 1 (Burton Choinski)
    3. HexGrid 2 (Burton Choinski)
  • The same hexgrids, in PDF (converted by Eric Wilson)
    1. Hexpaper
    2. Hexgrid-1
    3. Hexgrid-2

  • GURPS Space Star Creator (Daniel Boese) - Create thousands of stars, planets, and the like in just a few seconds, then use your favorite text editor to search through them for any particular details you want. Win95. Source code included for any programmer types.
  • GURPS Character Archive - is a collection of characters ranging from mages to accountants to high-tech idle rich, of many different point values, ready to be used as NPCs, local color, or even Player Characters.

  • Character Templates - various body outlines in GIF format.

In Nomine

In Nomine Character Creator (Tim Converse)
This shareware program for Windows 95/98/2K makes In Nomine character creation a snap. (415K).

Car Wars Programs

Design Assistant
Aaron Mulder's java applet lets you get a body for your car, choose crew, an engine, tires, armor, weapons, most accessories, then submit your completed design.
It is temporarily off-line, while the next version is being built.

Vehicle Design Sheet
Sean Peterson's Excel 95 workbook, handles the design of cars, cycles and trikes. Includes all the weapons you'll find in Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell and most variations in armour, body types and accessories. (95 K)


V_MAP is a free graphical play by e-mail gaming aid for Windows 95/98/NT (1.2 Meg). [more info]
Ogre V1.0 for Cyberboard (Peter Lomax)
This game aid allows you to play Ogre over email with your friends. You still will need the original Ogre to play. (195K). [more info]
Ogre GameBox for Cyberboard (Robert Struble)
This game aid allows you to play Ogre over email with your friends. You still will need the original Ogre to play. (45K).


The Fnorder
Johnny Carson is the pregnant octopus; Jane Fonda took control of the brewery.

The Java Fnorder (Jim Lesko)
Java version of our Fnorder Program for those webservers that do not allow CGI scripts. (48K).

The Palm Fnorder (Andrew Otto)
An implementation of the fnorder for Palm OS.


Triplanetary GameBox for Cyberboard (Robert Struble)
This game aid allows you to play Triplanetary over email with your friends. You still will need the original Triplanetary to play. (131K).


Necromancer GameBox for Cyberboard (Robert Struble)
This game aid allows you to play Necromancer over email with your friends. You still will need the original Necromancer to play. (596K).

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