Dino Hunt Dice

For the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

  • Game design by Steve Jackson
  • App code by J. Kira Hamilton
  • Music by Samuel Mitschke
  • Playtesters: Steven Marsh, Robert Hood, Phil Reed, Alex Kosarek, Steve Jackson

This app has been discontinued.

How many dinosaurs can you catch? Roll the Dino Hunt Dice and see!

Based on the original Dino Hunt Dice . . . but now the dice – and the dinos – are in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad! And it's free!

In this quick game for parents and kids, you're capturing dinosaurs for your zoo.

Roll the dinosaur picture, and you caught him! If you get a leaf, the dino is hiding, and you can try again. If you get a footprint . . . you're STOMPED!

Push your luck to catch as many as you can, but stop rolling before you're stomped three times, or you'll lose them all. Catch 20 dinos to win the game!

Screenshots: (click to view)