Car Wars Expansion Set 9 – Cover

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Car Wars Expansion Set 9

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Designed by Scott D. Haring * Illustrated by C. Mara Lee

70 pages. PDF. * Price $4.00 * Stock number 30-7123
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8 pages and four 21" × 32" maps. * Suggested Retail Price $5.50
Stock number 7123 * ISBN 1-55634-040-0
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High-G Driving at the Muskogee

Buckle in for racing thrills in the biggest arena ever published! In addition to information on the Muskogee Fairgrounds and Family Emporium, this supplement includes four full-sized maps, 14 scenarios, and lots of track layouts. Get ready . . . get set . . . and there's the flag!

You need Car Wars (basic or Deluxe edition) to play. Dueltrack is also useful.

29 pages. PDF. * Price $5.00 * Stock number 30-7145X
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Upgrade Your Classic Fairground!

Do you already own Car Wars Expansion Set 9 – Muskogee Fairground & Family Emporium, and just need the expanded information from Muskogee Mayhem to add more autoduelling antics to this ever-popular destination? Then this e23 exclusive is for you! This version is identical to the full Muskogee Mayhem supplement, except it doesn't include the gargantuan maps that were part of the original Expansion Set 9. With those maps and this downloadable 24-page sourcebook and counter sheet, you'll have complete Mayhem!

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