Dueltrack – Cover

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Designed by Scott D. Haring * Cover art by Denis Loubet
Illustrated by Dan Carroll, Graham Chaffee, C. Mara Lee, Denis Loubet, Kyle Miller, and George "Speed" Webber

86 pages. PDF. * Price $8.00 * Stock number 30-1302
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115 full-color counters, six sheets of deluxe road sections, and a 40-page rulebook.
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ISBN 1-55634-001-X
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Supercharge Your Game!

Car Wars moves into high gear – with Dueltrack! Here is your gas-guzzling guide to high-octane action:

  • Gasoline engines: Accelerate quicker and achieve higher speeds than you ever thought possible . . . or wise!
  • Race cars: Dragsters, Formula One, Can-Am, Sprint – some of the best-handling vehicles you've seen yet!
  • Metal Armor: Stand up to heavy-duty weapon fire with stronger defenses.
  • Chassis & Crossbow: Engage in low-tech autoduelling from the good old days.

Dueltrack includes a 40-page rulebook, 115 full-color counters, and deluxe road sections – perfect for taking your need for speed to dangerous new realms!

This set needs Car Wars Classic, Car Wars Compendium, or Car Wars Deluxe Edition to play.

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