Chez Geek Glossary

We have provided this glossary for those Chez Geek players who may not be intimate with American pop-cultural references. Those of you who are, stop reading and play the game.

Beer Goggles: A condition of drunkenness in which all members of the opposite sex look appealing.

Bum: This is not slang for "gluteus maximus." It means "borrow without the intention of returning."

Buckaroo Banzai: Short for The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension. It is a sci-fi cult classic. Go see it right now, and bring the beer.

Choad Warrior: A jerk. An a**hole. A d**khead.

Dumpster Diving: An activity which involves rummaging around in other people's trash to find something useful.

Hoopty: The sort of car favored by characters in Shaft movies. Usually a large, domestically produced automobile. Tinted windows are a plus.

Nookie: If you don't know this word, you shouldn't be playing this game. Well, OK, it means to have sex.

NT Server Docco: A book on how to use an NT server. Definitely Übergeek reading.

RPGs: Roleplaying games. If you don't know what these are, you're at the right site for some research!

S.O.: Stands for "significant other" – i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend. A Live-In S.O. is a permanent fixture in the apartment.

TA: Stands for "Teacher's Assistant." A thankless job usually foisted upon graduate students.