What They're Saying About Chez Geek

"Brace for guffaws . . . The droll comments on the cards, brought to life by John Kovalic's whimsical drawings, will elicit chuckles throughout the game."

Games Magazine, August 2000

"Odds are, if you haven't got an apartment with your friends, you've thought about it. The more rational among us realize that our friends are better in small doses. Others get that apartment. Chez Geek is a nifty little non-collectible card game about life with roommates.

The rules are printed on one large sheet of paper, front and back. They're easier than poker, but not as easy as blackjack. There are nine job cards and a healthy stack of other cards (I didn't count them). Each player gets one job card, dealt face-up, and five other cards, dealt face-down. Your job card tells you your Income, how much Free Time you have, and how much Slack you need to win the game."

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RPGnet Reviews, by Kevin Mowery, December 21, 1999

"You bet it's fun – the art is by popular comic artist John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame, and the gameplay captures the fun and slacking nature of us Geeks."

by "Graveyard" Greg McNutt, Gaming Outpost