Steve Jackson Games GURPS Traveller

ERRATA – GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 1 – Updated April 5, 2001

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Under the Playtesters, replace "Mike Stone," with "Mike Sands,".

P. 25. In the sidebar, the two topmost tables have switched their notes. Beneath the Basic table, it should read "For initial syllables, or after VC or CVC." Beneath the Alternate table, the note should read "For syllables after CV or V."

P. 44. In Advantages under Zhodani Official, Teleportation costs "2½/level (round up)" due to the mandatory limitation of retaining orientation and speed vector.

Change the Zhodani Commando's cost to "102/112 points".

P. 45. In Advantages under Zhodani Commando (continued from the previous page), Teleport power 13 costs 33 points due to the mandatory limitation of retaining orientation and speed vector.

A Thought Police Officer costs 122 points. Under Primary Skills, replace ", (both P/E)" with "(P/E)" after Guns (pistol).

P. 57. In the fifth full paragraph, the page reference should be to p. GT108.

P. 78. Change the last sentence of the second paragraph under Kedzudh Aeng, to "Since the member worlds couldn't agree on the location of the capital, . . ."

P. 87. In the Final Consonants (43) column of the Vargr Sound Frequency and Pronunciation Table, replace "HKS" with "KHS".

P. 88. Add Alertness +1 [5 points] to Advantages.

P. 95. The table under TL10 30mm Autocannon is misaligned. The SS (20) has been added at the end of the Damage column, which has shifted all of the other columns one to the left. Also, the final header (TL) is missing.

P. 99. Deck 2 is a duplicate of Deck 1 (on the facing page). The Deck 2 plan will be posted when it is available.

P. 119. Clotho cost 19 points, not 15.

P. 120. Under Advantages, Manual Dexterity costs 3 points, not 5.

P. 129. Under World Data, Sheol's Diameter is "50,000 miles (80,450 km)".