Steve Jackson Games – Errata License

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Everyone makes mistakes, including us – but we do our best to fix our errors. This errata page has been prepared by Steve Jackson Games for the convenience of its customers. Permission is granted to print or photocopy this errata listing for non-commercial use, or to link to it online.

If you find an error which is not listed here, please write and tell us! We will also do our best to answer questions about our games, provided that they are phrased in a manner which will allow for a yes-or-no reply or other brief answer. The best place to ask such questions is on our forums, where our biggest games have their own dedicated discussion areas. Questions about games without their own specific forums should be asked in the more general "Board and Dice Games" or "Card Games" areas (as appropriate), with the name of the game in the message's subject line. Please read the forum rules before posting.