Steve Jackson Games GURPS Traveller

ERRATA – GURPS Traveller (First Edition) – Updated March 25, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Throughout. Change all references to Homo sapiens zhodotlas to Homo zhodotlas.

P. 4. Page References: UT refers to Ultra-Tech, UTT to Ultra-Tech 2.

P. 9. Delete "hundred" from the end of the first praragraph under We Are Not Alone.

In the second paragraph in the sidebar, Cleon's 42nd successor now rules.

P. 13. Delete "planetary" from the parenthetical comment in the second sentence of the second paragraph under FTL Travel – The Jump Drive – stellar bodies and other non-planetary masses will also restrict jump endpoints.

Add "1 ton (tn); 1 metric ton; 0.907 metric tons" to The Metric System sidebar table.

Pp. 15-19. Solomani dates in the Chronology should be determined by adding 4521 (not 4518) to the Imperial dates (add 4520 for dates before -4520 since the Solomani calendar didn't start at 0). Change the first three entries to be -310,000/233,000 PI/305,000 BC, -300,000/226,000 PI/295,000 BC, and -290,000/218,000 PI/285,000 BC.

P. 15. Change the page reference at the end of the sidebar to p. UTT9.

P. 19. The last two entries in the timeline refer to the Fifth Frontier War.

P. 34. At the end of the first sentence in the second paragraph of Good War/Bad War, change "such as" to "as such".

P. 35. Membership in the Traveller's Aid Society costs Cr1,000,000 as a one-time fee, not an annual payment.

P. 36. In the last paragraph, change "Hivers like planets of size 6 or less" to "Hivers like planets of diameter 6500 miles or less".

P. 44. In the third paragraph of Jumpspace, the upper end of the range is 7 days 16 hours and 48 minutes.

Pp. 50, 56. In the last paragraph in the sidebar (p. 50) and under Meeting the Vilani (p. 56), Terran explorers encountered the Vilani in 2097.

P. 57. Add "-C" to the final parenthical entry under Regina.

P. 59. Under Scout Base, replace "starports type D or C" with "starports type II or III".

P. 61. Under Quid Nomine?, Eagles was one of Loren Wiseman's early games.

P. 62. The Terra System: Mars is 1.5 AU, Saturn is 9.5 AU, Uranus is 19.2 AU, Neptune is 30.1 AU, and Pluto is 39.5 AU. Terra has a Class V Starport.

P. 64. Starports range in quality from I (the worst) to V (the best). In the third paragraph, begin first sentence as follows: "Type I and II starports . . ."

P. 66. Sylea was renamed Capitol by Cleon I.

P. 78. In the third paragraph under Low Passage, crewmembers wager on how many low passengers will not survive the trip.

In the first sentence under High Passage, change "low passage" to "middle passage".

P. 82. Change "Other alien races" to "The Vargr and Zhodani" in the second paragraph under Creating a Character.

P. 84. In the Teleportation paragraph, the exoteleport skill only serves to enable extra weight to be carried. It doesn't bring objects to the user or teleport objects away from him.

P. 85. Teleportation from the equator to a pole would involve a 1000-mph change in velocity.

A Vanderbilt-class Yacht is a 200-ton yacht and costs 33 points as a Ship Patron; replace "buy" with "have access to".

P. 97. Economics is a M/H skill in the Merchant's Secondary Skills list. The point total and level are correct.

P. 106. The Average Job Prospector/Belter is a freelance job – add a '*' to its entry.

In the Wealthy Job Major Corporate Stockholder's Critical Failure entry replace the comma between 2i and 5i with a "/".

P. 107. The page reference at the end of the first paragraph of Equipment and Supplies is to pp. UTT9-10.

P. 108. In the last paragraph under Low Berths, change "person with Medical 10+" to "person with Physician 10+ or Electronics Operation (Medical) 10+".

Replace the second sentence under Force Field Technology with: "Exceptions include spacecraft-mounted meson screens, and "black-globe" and "white-globe" force fields. The force-field technology is an Ancient Artifact, currently under Imperial research. PCs will very rarely have access to it."

P. 109. Psionic Shields are also described on p. 116.

P. 110. In the second paragraph under Energy Weapons, replace "PGMP-10" with "PGMP-10A".

P. 111. Under Design Your Own Weapons!, replace "PGMP-12" with "PGMP-10", "PGMP-13" with "PGMP-10A", "PGMP-14" with "PGMP-11", "FGMP-14" with "FGMP-11", and "FGMP-15" with "FGMP-12".

P. 112. Under Special GURPS Traveller Rules, Gyrostabilization costs Cr100 × Ewt at TL9, not TL10.

Air Tanks are usable with vacc suits, air masks, etc.

P. 113. Computer, Personal Complexity equals TL-6.

Pp. 114-115. The weapons tables are missing the Malf. entries:

Revolver, 5mm Crit.
Revolver, 7mm Crit.
Revolver, 9mm Crit.
Magnum Revolver, 9mm Crit.
Body Pistol, 5mm Crit.
Auto Pistol, 7mm Crit.
Auto Pistol, 9mm Crit.
Gauss Pistol, 4mm Ver.
Rifles and Carbines
Carbine, 7mm Crit.
Rifle, 7mm Crit.
Rifle, 9mm Crit.
Rifle, 13mm Crit.
Assault Rifle, 5.5mm Crit.
Assault Rifle, 7.5mm Crit.
ACR, 7mm Ver.
ACR, 9mm Ver.
Gauss Rifle, 4mm Ver.
Zero-G Weapons
Snub Revolver. 10mm Crit.
Auto Snub Pistol, 10mm Crit.
with Ball Crit.
with HEAT (TL9) Crit.
with CHEM Crit.
Accelerator Rifle, 10mm Crit.
with AP Crit.
with HEAT Crit.
with CHEM Crit.
SMG, 9mm Crit.
Shotgun Crit.
Auto-Shotgun Crit.
Energy Weapons
Laser Pistol-9 Ver.
Laser Carbine-8 Ver.
Laser Carbine-10 Ver.
Laser Rifle-9 Ver.
Laser Rifle-10 Ver.
Laser Pistol-10 Ver.
PGMP-10 Ver.
PGMP-10A Ver.
PGMP-11 Ver.
FGMP-11 Ver.
FGMP-12 Ver.
Support Weapons
LAG, 20mm Crit.
RAM Grenades
4cm RAM-8 HEAT Crit.
4cm RAM-8 HE Crit.
4cm RAM-9 HEAT Crit.
4cm RAM-9 HE Crit.

P. 114. Replace the first sentence in the note beneath the Rifles and Carbines table with: "Assault rifles built at TL8+ incorporate a RAM-grenade launcher in the flash suppressor, at no additional weight or cost. Gauss rifles also incorporate a RAM-grenade launcher at no additional weight or cost."

Change the label on the first weapon illustration to "Assault Rifle".

P. 115. Energy Weapons: Laser Rifle-9 is LC 0, TL 9. The RoF of the Laser Pistol-9 and the Laser Pistol-10 is 4*, the RoF of the Laser Carbine-8, Laser Carbine-10, Laser Rifle-9 and Laser Rifle-10 is 8*. The * indicates that they can be fired at either RoF 3~ (semi-auto with three rolls to hit) or RoF 4 or 8, as indicated above (full-auto with one roll to hit, benefitting from laser autofire rules).

Under RAM Grenades, the parenthetical numbers under Damage should be in square brackets instead of parentheses. Also the 4cm RAM-10 grenades should be called the "4cm RAM-9".

P. 121. In the first sentence under Mishaps replace "Engineer (jump drive)" with "Mechanic (Jump drive)".

P. 122. In the Interstellar Mapping inset, 0309 is Hefry, 0405 is Feri, and the numbers are off by 1600 from those used in Behind the Claw. Feri and Yres are also Amber Travel Zones.

P. 125. The formula for converting stats (mentioned on p. 124) was omitted. It is "GURPS Stat = Traveller Stat + 3", adjusted at the GM's discretion.

P. 126. Bow Combat is from CT and T4. Delete Exploratory, which was a skill cascade in MT.

P. 128. Pilot (CT, MT, T4) corresponds to Piloting (Low-Performance Spacecraft).

Pilot, Fixed Wing (TNE) corresponds to Piloting (Heavy Airplane, High-Performance Airplane, Light Airplane).

Pilot, Rotary Wing (TNE) corresponds to Piloting (Helicopter).

P. 129. Spinal Weapons corresponds to Gunner/TL (Particle Beam).

Add Zero-G Combat (CT); Free Fall/TL.

Add Zero-G Weapons (CT); Guns/TL (Gyroc).

P. 132. The Beowulf-class is TL10.

P. 133. The deck plan included is of a formal variant that includes an air/raft dock (replacing 1 space of cargo).

P. 135. The Empress Marava-class is TL10.

P. 137. The Animal-class is TL10.

P. 139. The 10-ton Launch (TL10) does not have an Engineer module. Change EMass to 21.92, LMass to 31.92, Cost to MCr3.265, Accel 1.25 Gs.

P. 140. The 20-ton Gig (TL10) has HP 4,500, not 7,500.

The 30-ton Ship's Boat (TL10) has 4 Maneuver.

P. 143. In the third paragraph under 50-ton Modular Cutter, with Fighter Module, replace "4 cargo" with "vehicle bay (for 10-ton fighter)".

P. 146. The Akkigish-class is TL10.

In the fifth paragraph, the ship has 165 cargo spaces.

P. 148. The ATV, Wheeled (TL8) has Armor: Body PD 4 DR 50 Expensive Metal, Wheels PD 4 DR 25 Expensive Metal (insert bullet item after Structure).

P. 151. In the Turret and Bay Tables, change the last two headings to "Cost (MCr)" and "Internal Spaces". A Bay has 50 Internal Spaces.

P. 152. The second sentence should read, "Each bay uses up 50 internal spaces."

P. 153. Change the last sentence in the Bridge entry to "See Bridge Systems (pp. 160-162) for each type's capabilities."

In the Jump Drive entry add after the third sentence: "For a more detailed breakdown of jump limits, see the sidebar on p. 157."

P. 155. In the Module Table, a TL10 Command Bridge also takes up 5 spaces.

Change the Vehicle Bay entry in the Module Table to read "Vehicle Bay; 1.05**; 0.5; 0.003; 0"

P. 156. In the Armament Table, the TL10 Turret Laser has a mass of 12 tons (12.03, including the power cells).

P. 157. In the Jump Drives in GURPS Vehicles sidebar, note that the ship needs to be at least 100 tons to jump.

In the eighth paragraph of the Jump Drives in GURPS Vehicles sidebar, the jump consumes fuel equal to "ship volume × 2/3 gallons × length of the jump in parsecs".

In the last paragraph of Jump Drives in GURPS Vehicles, change "50,000" to "volume".

P. 158. The Spinal Beam Weapons have a 1/2D Range of 97,600 and a Max Range of 292,800.

P. 160. The heading in the Communication Range Table should be "Communication Ranges".

P. 169. In the paragraph just above 5. Collision and Point Defense Phase, the Major Damage Table is on p. 174.

P. 172. In the last line of Planetary Defense Fire, it's "(type V-IV starport)" not "(type A-B starport)" and "(type III or II starport)" not "(type C or D starport)".

In the last line of Using Sandcasters, it's DR 200 + DR 25 per extra sandcaster.

P. 173. In the Space Weapons Table, the ranges are given in 2000-mile hexes, as noted. Divide them by 5 for use with the 10,000-mile hexes used throughout the rest of the Space Combat section.

In the AESA only and PESA only modifier tables, replace "Object within a planetary atmosphere" with "Object or sensor within a planetary atmosphere".

In the Gunnery Modifiers section, the text of Range Modifier should say "not counting the firing hex".