Steve Jackson Games GURPS Traveller

ERRATA – GURPS Traveller (Second Edition) – Updated August 8, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

With the release of GURPS Space, Third Edition, several page references need updating.

P. 28. In the Faldor sidebar, change Atolis to Atoliis.

P. 83. On the Status and Cost of Living table, switch the Marquis/Marchioness and Count/Countess ranks (leave High Official where it is).

P. 88. The Belter template lists Navigation under Primary Skills and Astrogation under Secondary Skills. Switch the two skills, but leave the points where they are. There should now be 4 points in Astrogation (IQ+1, a skill of 13) and 1 point in Navigation (IQ-2, a skill of 10).

P. 94. In the Law Enforcer template, under "Primary Skills," change "Law Enforcement (M/A) IQ+2 [6]-14" to "Law (M/H) IQ+1 [6]-13".

P. 107. In the third paragraph under Beam Weapon Technology, change "6,400 MJ" to "6,400 kJ" (kilojoules).

P. 114. Under Pistols, the 5mm Body Pistol should have a Dam rating of 1d+2.

Under Zero-G Weapons, the Auto Snub Pistol, 10mm, with HEAT should do 3d(10) damage.

P. 119. Under How to Get There, the page reference should be to VE144, not V144.

P. 120. Under Jump, change the last sentence in the third paragraph to read:

For instance, a normally jump-3 ship (which must have jump drive modules equal to 4% of its volume) could carry another ship of its own volume through a jump-1 (which requires Jump Drive modules totaling 2% of their combined volume).

P. 153. Under Low Berth, the page reference should be to BIO115 (GURPS Bio-Tech), not BT115.

P. 173. On the Space Weapons Table, the Spinal P-Beam and Spinal Meson Gun should have 1/2 D range of 10 and Max range of 29.

In the Gunnery Modifiers section, the text of Range Modifier should read "not counting the firing hex".

P. 176. Under the Weapons entry, RAM grenades and recoil have switched a page reference. RAM grenades should be 110; recoil should be 111.