Ninja Burger Errata

Updated September 12, 2006

Current edition

No known errata.

First edition

P. 2.

New rule: Under Phase 6: Honor Bonus/Penalty, add the following sentence: "If no ninja failed a Mission this round, the entire franchise gains merit! Each player gets one more Honor token at the end of the round."

Under Phase 8: Check Honor, change "any ninja's Honor is" to "the ninja with the highest Honor has" and "that of any rival" to "his nearest rival".

P. 3.

Under You Have No Honor!, change the third sentence to "Discard all your cards and money."

P. 4.

Under Interesting Times, add the following sentence to the end of that section: "Extra rolls required by Interesting Times cards are part of the mission, and you can use rerolls on them."

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