ERRATA -- Tooniversal Tour Guide -- July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 40.
Teflon Coating does not add hit points.
P. 70.
Zok-Hotdog has two legs in the picture and four legs in the text. Should we split the difference and call it three? Does anybody care? He certainly doesn't!
P. 74.
In the third paragraph under Squirrels, Squirrels get +2 to the See skill, not to See rolls.
P. 96.
In the Mirrorshades description, "9 or less" should read "9 or more."
P. 98.
The Wall of Spam is 50 feet wide. (Try whispering that to a stranger sometime. It will liven up his day.)
P. 102.
The Potion Table referred to in the first paragraph is on p. 105.
P. 119.
An Itchy Ray costs $2,500.
P. 131.
In the first paragraph about Lieutenant Snorf, the page reference should be to p. 132.
P. 152.
The Mighty Pipsqueak's skill in Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods should be 5, not 50. (Though you can play her with 50 if you really want to....)
P. 160.
The cost for the Amphibious super-power should be 2 points, not 1.
Under Area Effect, change "5 square feet" to "5 feet".
P. 162.
For Energy Blast, the Damage number should be 1d+2.
P. 164.
Under Incredible Speed, change the page reference to p. 42.
Under Invulnerability, delete the reference to Damage Resistance. Wrong game system, folks!
P. 178.
Under Cyberspace and Netroaming, the page reference should be to p. 182.
P. 184.
Under Implants, second paragraph, the page reference should be to p. 189.
P. 186.
"Rockin' Raul" Mewzik's speed is 7 with jetskates.
P. 190.
Jetskates, when not turned on, increase your speed by 1 -- not 10!
P. 203.
Magic Resistance is on p. 78, and Fast Food is on p. 93.
P. 203.
Dinsdale's Digging Dog costs 3 points, and Amphibious costs 2 points.