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Writing for Steve Jackson Games: Getting Started

Updated January 29, 2019

What To Submit

Here's what we're looking for now.

Magazine Articles

If you're a fan of Ogre, submitting to Ogrezine is a great way to get started. Once you're familiar with past what kind of articles are offered, check out the Ogrezine submission guidelines.

Roleplaying Settings and Adventures

We publish a lot of setting material each year for GURPS Fourth Edition - and we're looking to publish adventures, too!

Start by looking at our Wish List page. These are supplements that we know we want, and we're looking for authors for them right now. Of course, we'll consider other ideas too.

But . . . please don't propose any kind of licensed product (something based on an existing book, TV series, or movie). Likewise, don't propose anything based on a game system we don't own unless you own that system or it is open/public domain! And please don't offer us a new roleplaying system . . . we don't want to publish another one. That doesn't mean, "Include a really earnest cover letter about how good it is." That means, "We can't use them."

What Not To Submit

Board and Card Games

Right now, we have more than two years' worth of boardgames and card games in our development queue. We are not currently evaluating submissions of board or card games, or of supplements for our existing board or card games.

Computer Games

We are not currently looking for coding or publishing relationships; please don't send us queries or proposals for computer games. If that changes, we'll set up a wish list or Request for Proposals page.

Items for GURPS Series Not on the Wish List

A few of our PDF series work on an "invitation only" basis. GURPS Creatures of the Night is in that situation at this time.

What To Do Next

Follow the links on this page . . . go back to the guidelines index and read the articles there . . . and write!

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