Roleplayer #1, February 1986

The Minotaur

by Michael Moe

A minotaur is a large humanoid with the head and tail of a bull. They are most common in Greek and Roman-based fantasy worlds, but may turn up in any fantasy, or any future world where genetic manipulation is possible.

Minotaurs tend to be solitary and agressive, and will eat just about anything, up to and including human flesh. Males are reputed to prefer a diet of human virgins. Wild minotaurs prefer dry, grassy areas.

A minotaur gets +3 on ST, +1 on DX, +3 on HT, and -2 on IQ. The thick bones of his skull gives his bull-like head (only) a natural DR of 2, and his wide-set eyes give him natural Peripheral Vision. A Minotaur weighs 20 lbs. more than a human of the same height.

Minotaurs rarely use armor, unless they have looted it from a human victim. The weapon of choice for a minotaur is a large axe, or chance branch used as a club.

The minotaur also has a special attack: the Head Butt. Treat this as a Slam. If the Minotaur hits, the victim may roll against his Shield skill to see if he got his shield in the way of the horns – if not, each horn does impaling damage: thrust-3.

All minotaurs have the berserk disadvantage (see article elsewhere in this issue).

Pay 75 character points to be a minotaur.

Note: in the full GURPS roleplaying rules, a Minotaur also has the advantage of Acute Hearing, and the disadvantage of Hideous Appearance (-3 on all reaction rolls).

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