Roleplayer #1, February 1986

Want to Playtest?

Yes, we need more playtest groups for GURPS. We have had lots of offers, and we need to get organized about it. (If you wrote before, it will not hurt your chances to write again, and it just might help.)

We want letters from playtest group leaders – but get each member of the group to sign. Answer the following questions:

(1) How many regulars in the group? How many "occasionals"?

(2) Describe your group briefly – ages, occupations, etc.

(3) Do you already have a MTM / GURPS campaign going? If so, is it "pure" GURPS, or are you using another system to fill in things like magic, high-tech, etc?

(4) How often does your group play GURPS?

(5) Is this a game club, school group, collection of friends, or what? How long have you been gaming together?

(6) Has your group playtested for other companies? (No, we don't require playtesting experience. Just curious.)

(7) Where do you get scenarios and adventure ideas?

(8) Do you have/use a computer? Got a modem?

(9) Does your group have any special interests (superheros, Oriental, Wild West, plumbers, whatever) that are not yet covered in GURPS?

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