Roleplayer #1, February 1986


Welcome to the first issue of Roleplayer, the GURPS newsletter. Roleplayer is a guaranteed 99 44/100% pure house organ. Everything will relate to GURPS. If any outside material is reviewed, it will be to let you know that it is especially suitable for use with GURPS.

Our plans for Roleplayer are still flexible. We'll put out an issue when we get around to it, and send it free to everyone on the GURPS mailing list. Contents will include whatever we write – which will largely be governed by whatever you request. Submissions are welcome, but this is a 4-page newsletter for now, so keep them brief. I'd especially like to see some good, simple systems for converting MTM characters to and from other systems; there's a lot of demand for that, and I haven't had time to do it myself.

If there's enough interest, we may expand the size or frequency drastically. But there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. If this turns into a "real" magazine, we'll have to start charging for it. Be warned.

But for now, it's free. Enjoy.

– Steve Jackson

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