Roleplayer #1, February 1986

For Prospective Writers

Everybody wants to write for GURPS. We're complimented.

Until the release of the first full roleplaying package (still Origins, we hope) it's difficult for an outside contributor to write for GURPS, because too much information exists only in our files. And there are some things even we aren't sure of yet, like the details of the magic system, and the exact names and point values of all the advantages and disadvantages.

Nevertheless, when the time comes, we will be very interested in outside submissions. And right now, there are a few sorts of submissions that you do have enough information to work on:

(1) Sequels to Orcslayer, written in the same format. We would also consider similar fantasy adventures that are not set in Caithness. We would pay standard supplement-design rates for these – basically 2%, with a $300 advance, for finished manuscripts of professional quality, or somewhat less if we have to rework it extensively.

(2) Similar adventures set in new, non-fantasy settings, but using only MTM rules (or with the same sorts of additions Orcslayer had). Of course, new weapon lists might be required. But don't get into guns or science fiction weapons, and don't use any author's copyrighted world-setting. Same rates.

(3) Individual scenarios, balanced and playtested, with characters (or character design guidelines). It is unlikely that we can pay for these, but if we get any really good ones, we will find a way to use them and give you design credit.

(4) Individual characters, like the four in MTM, worked out at 100 points and lower point levels. No pay offered for these, but the good ones will wind up in a book of pregenerated characters, and their creators will get credit. If your Artist skill is up to it, include the drawings too! (We're putting the character book together right now, so if you have anything to submit, do it today!)

Of course, we're always interested in suggestions of all types – but these four are the only genres in which we are likely to accept and print a "blind" submission right now.

All submissions should be typed and double-spaced, and accompanied by a letter saying they are being submitted under the terms set out in the first issue of Roleplayer. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your material returned.

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