Roleplayer #10, May 1988

In This Issue

The Sparrials
New Hit Location Table
Character Points: Thar's Gold in Them Thar Skills
Short Notes
The Isle of Night
Coming Attractions

RP 10 features the winner of our adventure writing contest – "The Isle of Night," a GURPS Horror adventure by Scott Paul Maykrantz. Congratulations to Scott and the two runners up, Michael Cule and Aaron Stone.

Other features this issue include the officially revised version of the GURPS Hit Location Table, which first appeared on the new GURPS Reference Screen; and the first in what we hope will become a series of columns on character design, by playtester extraordinaire Walter Milliken.

– Jeff George

J. David George

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Managing Editor
Sharleen Lambard

Art Director
Ken Trobaugh

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
Czeslaw Sornat

Circulation Manager
Creede Lambard

Art in this issue
Denis Loubet: 1.

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