Roleplayer #12, December 1988

In This Issue

GURPS 3rd Edition – Bigger and Better
Short Notes
Accentuating the Negative
New for GURPS
Changes to Firearm Damage
Horror Firearms and Explosives (p. H74)
GURPS Swashbucklers Designer's Article
Coming Attractions

High-Tech is here! Which means that all the new firearms stats are available. This issue features the updated firearms tables from GURPS Horror, see pp. 4-5. Updates for our other worldbooks will appear in the next issue.

Other features include the designer article for GURPS Swashbucklers, by Steffan O'Sullivan; and more helpful hints by playtester extraordinaire Walter Milliken.

Steve Jackson

Assistant Editor
Lisa Smith

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Managing Editor
Ken Trobaugh

Art Director
Guy Burchack

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
M.E. Roome

Melinda Spray and Lisa A. Smith

Circulation Manager
Creede Lambard

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