Roleplayer #16, October 1989

In This Issue

At Last . . . Books and Bookstores!
Short Notes
I'm Not Dead Yet! (John M. Ford)
Spell Dependency Charts (Walter Milliken)
37 Billion NPCs (Creed Lambard)
Playing With a Full Deck (John J. MIller)
New for GURPS
And in this Episode . . . (Brian J. Underhill)
Coming Attractions

This issue's big articles are by two of our most regular contributors. Leading off is John M. Ford's system for treating wounds more realistically. And, for the Magic fans, we have the Spell Dependency Charts created by Walter Milliken.

Also in this issue are a look at the upcoming GURPS Riverworld; designer notes on Cliffhangers and Wild Cards; and the usual features.

Steve Jackson

Managing Editor
Loyd Blankenship

Production Staff
Carl Manz, Fred Dare

Cover Art
Denis Loubet, Glen Robinson and Manda Dee, from GURPS Wild Cards

Circulation Manager
Norman Banduch

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