Roleplayer #20, June 1990

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Short Notes
Give Me A Hand: Updated Rules for Extra & Enhanced Limbs (Steve Jackson & Loyd Blankenship
Riverworld and the Village (J.M. Caparula)
Powerstone Contest Winners
New for GURPS
Stalking the Mythical Monsters (Steffan O'Sullivan)
Ifrits: A New Race for Fantasy and SF Campaigns (Chris McCubbin)
Paganism on Yrth (Brett Slocum)
Coming Attractions

This Roleplayer features a new race, suitable for either science fiction or fantasy campaigns; updated rules for extra or specialized limbs; assorted other articles . . . and the winners of the Powerstone Quirk contest. Enjoy.

Steve Jackson

Managing Editor
Loyd Blankenship

Production Manager
Carl Anderson

Cover Art
Thomas Baxa

Thomas Baxa, Evan Dorkin, Glen Johnson, Larry MacDougall

Circulation Manager
Norman Banduch

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