Roleplayer #24, June 1991

Fanzines: The Great Lost Works

Most of the game-related material that's written today never makes it into the stores. It's printed in privately-produced fanzines. These are commonest in the U.K. and the United States, but they're found all over the world. Most fanzines are not advertised in any way, and are available only by mail.

Fanzine material runs the full range . . . from true professional quality to incredibly, earthshakingly bad. Some people write about gaming in general; some review the games and supplements they've bought; some write variants for their favorite games, while others are interested in their own home-brewed systems.

We'd like to cover the fanzine world . . . possibly in a one-shot article, possibly in a continuing series. If you've got a gaming zine you'd like us to see, send it along. It doesn't have to specifically cover GURPS, though that wouldn't hurt!

Be sure to include subscription information. If your zine accepts outside contributions, include your guidelines and "want list." And if sample copies are available, free or otherwise, give us that information as well, so we can pass it along to our readers.

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