Roleplayer #26, October 1991

New Skill: Paleontology

Paleontology (Mental/Hard) . . . . . Defaults vary

This is the science of fossil study. A Paleontology roll is required to recognize fossils and make hypotheses about the original creature's habitat, diet, body structure, etc. A successful roll (+4 if laboratory facilities are available) may also identify the approximate age of the object.

A paleontologist may specialize in one of the following fields, each with its own default. Each field also defaults to the others at -2.

Paleozoology (defaults to Zoology-4) is the study of prehistoric animals from their fossilized bones, footmarks, remains of food and feces, etc.

Paleobotany (defaults to Botany-3) is the study of vegetable fossils.

Paleoanthropology (defaults to Anthropology-2) is the study of human fossils and tools, and the relation of primitive tribes to their habitats.

Micropaleontology (defaults to Botany-4 or Biochemistry-3) is the study of fossils too small to be seen by the naked eye. This skill cannot be used outside of a lab.

General Paleontology defaults to one of the above specialized skills-2 or Anthropology-5.

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