Roleplayer #3, November 1986

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Well, we finally did it! As most of you know, the GURPS Basic Set was released at Origins – and player response has been great. The Fantasy world book came back from the printers just a few days before this newsletter did. And the Autoduel world book will go to press soon. We're rolling!

With this third issue of Roleplayer, we seem to be settling down into a more-or-less quarterly schedule. It's an optical illusion; the next issue should be out in about a month! With more GURPS material on the market, we'll have lots more to say.

We've gotten a number of good submissions – already, more than we can print in 4 pages – but that's OK – keep writing! We like to have a lot to choose from. And we'd still especially like to see some good, simple systems for converting GURPS characters to and from other systems; there's a lot of demand for that, and I haven't had time to do it myself.

–Steve Jackson

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