Roleplayer #4, February 1987

Writing for GURPS

We're still getting lots of inquiries about writing for GURPS. A "style sheet" is now available; send an SASE for a copy.

We like to get submissions to Roleplayer – and, with the two extra pages, we've got more room for them. We don't pay for these, but we will send three extra copies of the issue in which your contribution appears.

On the other hand, we will happily pay for anything we can release as a separate GURPS product. Our needs along this line right now include:

(1) Complete worldbooks – 96 pages or so. A complete gaming background for your chosen genre of reality or fiction. Royalty and advance negotiable, depending on absolutely everything. Inquire.

(2) Adventure supplements – preferably with a heavy "sourcebook" component. Average length, 56 pages. Right now, we need these only for fantasy (not necessarily Yrth) or Autoduel backgrounds; as we release other worldbooks, we'll want supplementary material for those worlds. We pay standard supplement-design rates for these – basically 2%, with a $300 advance, for finished manuscripts of professional quality, or somewhat less if we have to rework it extensively.

Of course, we're always interested in suggestions of all types – but these are the things we are really looking for.

All submissions should be typed and double-spaced, and accompanied by a letter saying they are being submitted under the terms set out in Roleplayer. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your material returned.


We are actively soliciting proposals and outlines for the following GURPS projects:

Superhero world book. We want to do a realistic worldbook – i.e., an attempt to describe what the world might really be like if some people had strange powers. Would they really take funny names and wear leotards? Maybe not . . .

Historical world books – probably 96 pages including a mid-length adventure – for interesting periods of "real" Earth past. A bit of mythology would not be amiss, where appropriate, so long as it's possible for the GM to decide whether or not to use it.

Post-holocaust world book – focusing on realistic adventures of survival and rebuilding of society, as opposed to the ever-trite game of Shoot-The-Three-Legged-Purple-Mutants.

Street gang world book. – or, How To Roleplay Scum. Would cover the underworld of yesterday, today, and tomorrow (plus fantasy variations).

City / town book. A book on how to design villages, on up to towns and cities, in the fantasy/medieval milieu. This needs a writer with some genuine expertise in medieval history and economics.

AADA Road Atlas Books for the Mountain West (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Deseret, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico); the Free Oil States (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana); and Mexico. See Coming Attractions in this issue for an explanation of format.

GURPS Fantasy adventure supplements – preferably, but not necessarily, set on the world of Yrth. Ideally, each one would also provide expanded "sourcebook" material on part of Yrth, so it would remain useful after the adventure was played.

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