Roleplayer #8, January 1988

In This Issue

New Disadvantages
The Hospitallers in Yrth
Short Notes
The GM's Library
The Television Series Campaign
Coming Attractions
Writing for GURPS

If this issue seems to be following close on the heels of RP 7, it's not because this issue is early – it's because #7 was late! From now on, we should be reliably hitting our bimonthly schedule – so look for RP 9 in early March.

This issue, we have a very different mix of features than last issue. Inside you'll find an article on the Hospitallers, a brotherhood of holy warriors from Yrth; two new features for GMs; and the debut of "GURPS Talk," our new letter column. Of course, we've got all the regular features as well, to keep you up on what's happening and what's about to happen in the world of GURPS.

–Jeff George

J. David George

GURPS System Developer
David Ladyman

Managing Editor
Beverly Hale

Steve Jackson

Production Staff
C. Mara Lee
Czeslaw Sornat

Circulation Manager
Creed Lambard

Art in this issue
Denis Loubet: 2.

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