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GURPS Bili the Axe: Up Harzburk! – Cover

GURPS Bili the Axe: Up Harzburk!

Written by W.G. Armintrout, based on the Horseclans adventures written by Robert Adams
Edited by David Ladyman and Ravi Rai * Cover art by Ken Kelly
Illustrated by Guy Burchak, C. Bradford Gorby, and Terry Tidwell

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

80 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $7.95
Stock number 6202 * ISBN 1-55634-117-2
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In the Service of the Iron King

Fostered to the kingdom of Harzburk at a tender age to learn the arts of war, young Bili the Axe must now hack out a career in the royal army. Will he triumph over his foes . . . or die trying?

Only you can find out. Accompany Bili the Axe on four years of Middle Kingdoms campaigning, finding adventure (and experience) along the way. Bring your own young characters along, as well – even Bili will need help against the Pitzurk hordes!

Join Bili:

  • on the assault ladders and towers!
  • beneath the surface in a siege tunnel
  • battling in swamps and forests!
  • with the High Lady Aldora, campaigning against the Ahrmehnee mountain tribes!
  • leading the charge against rebellious peasants, professional free fighters . . . even a pike-bristling hedgehog!
  • brawling in the taverns of Harzburk!
  • in the company of the Duchess of Dawfinburk . . .

This campaign book is written in "solo" or programmed adventure format. No Game Master is required. You will need the GURPS Basic Set. The GURPS Horseclans worldbook is not required, but can make play more interesting.

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    The Horseclans solo adventure Up Harzburk! was recalled soon after publication, in early 1989, because it contained so many path errors that we did not feel it could be adequately corrected by an errata sheet.

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