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GURPS Goblins – Cover

Mistreatments for GURPS Goblins

Goblin Mistreatment Game Effect
Abandoned in Snow +Appearance, Temperature Tolerance (Cold), Fur, Weight +15n, Legs and Arms -2n
Beaten and Whipped Strong Will, Extra Hit Points +1
Boiled in Tea Tanniphobia, -Appearance, +1 Menace, Temperature Tolerance (Heat), weight -5n
Buried Alive [Necrophobia/Necrophilia], Claustrophobia, +2 Breath Control, Albinism, Weight -20n
Dropped Down Sewers Scotophobia, Rupophobia, No Sense of Smell or Taste, +1 Swimming, +1 Climbing, +1 Traps
Fed to Pigs Porciphobia, -Appearance, +1 Menace, Legs and Arms -4n
Fired as a Skeet Hoplophobia, Brontophobia, +2 Acrobatics, [Left/Right Arm/Leg -6n], Torso -3n
Flung in Thames Aquaphobia, +1 Swimming
Hanged by Ears Acute Hearing, Torso +2n
Hanged by Heels Acrophobia, Leg +3n
Hunted with Dogs Cynophobia, [Cowardice/Berserk], +1 Running, +1 Swimming, +1 Climbing, +1 Camouflage
Hurled across Room Jumping, Torso -2n, Arms +3n
Locked in Breadbin Claustrophobia, Night Vision, Arm DX+1, Prehensile Toes (feet Manipulators), Weight +30n, Fingers (add length to Arms) +1n
Nailed up as Scarecrow Brachial Traumatophobia, Musical Ability, Arms +4n
Passed through Mangle Technophobia, Double-Jointed, Torso, Arms and Legs +3n
Pawned to Surgeons Aichmophobia, -Appearance, +1 Menace, High Pain Threshold, +1 Surgery, Weight +10 n, [Left/Right Arm/Leg -2n
Shoved up Chimney [Pyromania/Pyrophobia], Arm ST+1, Temperature Tolerance (Heat), +1 Climbing
Taken Starglazing Kleptomania, Night Vision, +1 Starglazing, Weight +5n
Used as Rat-Bait Musophobia, Scotophobia, Acute Hearing, +1 Running, Weight -5n
Volunteered for Football Combat Paralysis, +1 Menace, Toughness, +3 Running
Worn as a Wig Albinism, Laziness, +Appearance, +1 Savoir Faire

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