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GURPS Lensman – Cover

GURPS Lensman Out-Takes

Alas, there wasn't room in GURPS Lensman for everything. Here are some of the "outtakes" cut from the final manuscript. Both the section on computers and the description of Peter vanBuskirk did receive the approval of Verna Smith Trestrail, and may be considered "official" description of the Lensman universe. Clear ether!

  • Peter vanBuskirk's character sheet.
  • Rules for inventing and gadgeteering.
  • A discussion of automatic electronic computers.
  • Organizational Chart for the First Galaxy (Boskone) in ASCII or PDF.
  • Organizational Chart for the Second Galaxy (Eddore, Ploor, &c) in ASCII or PDF.

Lensman™ is a trademark of the E.E. "Doc" Smith estate and is used under license. All these files are Copyright © 1993, 1994 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Each individual mentality is authorized to read the files online, or download them and print out a single hardcopy for personal use. Copying these files to any other online system or BBS, or making more than one hardcopy, is strictly prohibited. So please don't – the lethal chambers are overloaded as it is. And if you encounter copies of these files, please report them to

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