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Bibliography for GURPS Places of Mystery

General Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture (originally published as A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method; recent editions ed. John Musgrove) is the first place to look for detailed floor-plans and notes on any historic building or architectural style.

Architecture of the World (series edited by Henri Stierlin) also provided many detailed plans. The Cultural Atlas of the World (series published in association with Stonehenge Press) was another excellent source of maps and plans.

Also used:


Encyclopedia Britannica.

The New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.

The Times Atlas of Ancient Civilizations.

The Times Atlas of World History.

Lost Civilizations (Time-Life Books series)

Mysteries of the Unknown (Time-Life Books series)

TimeFrame (Time-Life Books series)

The Atlas of Mysterious Places (Westwood, Jennifer, ed.).

Encyclopedia of The Unexplained (Cavendish, Richard, ed.).

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Clute, John, & Nicholls, Peter, eds.).

History of the World (Wright, Esmond, ed.).

The Royal Geographical Society History of World Exploration (Keay, John, ed.).

Diamond, Jared: The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee.

Ingpen, Robert, & Wilkinson, Philip: Encyclopedia of Mysterious Places.

Hitching, Francis: World Atlas of Mysteries.

Magnusson, Magnus: B.C.: The Archaeology of the Bible Lands.

Story, Ronald: The Space Gods Revealed, Guardians of the Universe?.

Westwood, Jennifer: Albion: A Guide to Legendary Britain.


"Ancient Cities," a special supplementary issue of Scientific American in 1994, covered several topics discussed in this book.

Several other scientific and archaeological journals were consulted for this book, and represent a rich source of ideas.

Other Game Material

The following are sourcebooks from other game publishers that may prove useful in a "Places of Mystery" campaign.

Arabian Nights, from Iron Crown, has data and maps on Abbasid Baghdad, a scenario involving Irem of the Pillars, and notes on travel and trade between desert cities.

Kingdom of Champions, from Hero Games/I.C.E., was written by the authors of GURPS Places of Mystery, so don't expect us to be unbiased. It discusses a number of British sites, and has scenario ideas for many of them.

Nephilim, from Chaosium, is a game of secret history and occult powers. Places of power are central to the system. The rulebook only discusses North American sites in detail, but future supplements will deal with other regions.

Robin Hood: The Role Playing Campaign, from Iron Crown, has floor plans and maps for a number of British medieval buildings and locations.


Gould, Stephen Jay: Wonderful Life.

Kusche, Lawrence David: The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved.

Luce, J.V.: The End of Atlantis.

Page, D.L.: The Santorini Volcano and the Destruction of Minoan Crete.

Stone Circles

Bender, Barbara: The Archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands.

Burl, Aubrey: A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany.

Edelman, Ian: Discovering Avebury.

Joussaume, Roger: Dolmens for the Dead.

McMann, Jean: Riddles of the Stone Age.

Richards, Julian: Beyond Stonehenge.

Williamson, Tom, & Bellamy, Liz: Ley Lines in Question.

The Pyramids

Haag, Michael: Cadogan Guide to Egypt.

Irwin, Robert: The Arabian Nights: A Companion.

Kamil, Jill: Luxor – A Guide to Ancient Thebes.

Mendelssohn, Kurt: The Riddle of the Pyramids.

Petrie, W. M. Flinders: The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh.

Desert Cities

Blunt, Wilfrid: The Golden Road to Samarkand.

Dalrymple, William: In Xanadu: A Quest.

The Far East

Bodin, Lynn E.: The Boxer Rebellion.

Booz, Elizabeth B.: Tibet.

Bossu-Picat, Christian: Nepal, Moments of Life.

Chawla, Rohit and Saran, Shalini: Taj Mahal.

Eliot, Joshua: Thailand, Indochina and Burma Handbook.

Hanbury-Tenison, Robin: A Ride Along the Great Wall.

Kazami, Takehide: The Himalayas.

Raj, Prakash A.: Kathmandu and the Kingdom of Nepal (Lonely Planet Guide).

Youde, Pamela: China.

The Near East

Baedecker's Israel.

Burman, Edward: The Assassins.

Dicks, Brian: The Ancient Persians.

Glubb, John Bagot: Haroon al Rasheed and the Great Abbasids.

Mallowan, M.E.L.: Early Mesopotamia and Iran.

Miller, J. Maxwell: Introducing the Holy Land.

Oates, Joan: Babylon.

Pax, Wolfgang: With Jesus in the Holy Land.


Lawson, Andrew J.: Cave Art.

McCrea, Barbara and Pinchuck, Tony: The Rough Guide to Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Shinnie, P.L.: Meroë.

The Mediterranean

Connolly, Peter, Pompeii.

Edey, Maitland A.: The Lost World of the Aegean.

Etienne, Robert: Pompeii – The Day A City Died.

Trump, D.H.: The Prehistory of the Mediterranean.

Vassilakis, Antonis: Knossos.

Willetts, R.F.: Ancient Crete.

Wood, Michael: In Search of the Trojan War.

The British Isles

Ashe, Geoffrey: The Landscape of King Arthur.

Baker, Roy (ed.): Roman Britain 55 B.C. - A.D. 409.

Binns, Ronald: The Loch Ness Mystery Solved.

Clapham, Sir Alfred: Whitby Abbey.

Coppack, Glyn: Abbeys and Priories.

Cormack, Patrick: Castles of Britain.

Dyer, James: Hillforts of England and Wales.

Falkus, Malcolm, & Gillingham, John (eds.): Historical Atlas of Britain.

Geoffrey of Monmouth: The History of the Kings of Britain.

Johnson, Stephen: Hadrian's Wall.

Macal, Roy P.: The Monsters of Loch Ness.

Pearce, Susan M.: The Archaeology of South West Britain.

Peers, Sir Charles: Rievaulx Abbey.

Ritchie, J.N.G.: Brochs of Scotland.

Tabraham, Christopher (ed.): Scotland B.C..

Woodward, G.W.O.: The Dissolution of the Monasteries.


Berton, Kathleen: Moscow, an Architectural History.

Nordbye, Masha: Introduction to Moscow and the Golden Ring.

Australasia and Oceania

Heyerdahl, Thor: Easter Island: The Mystery Solved.

Mountford, Charles P.: Ayer's Rock: Its People, Their Beliefs and Their Art.

The New World

Baudez, Claude, and Picasso, Sydney: Lost Cities of the Maya.

Bray, Swanson and Farrington: The Ancient Americas.

Davies, Nigel: The Ancient Kingdoms of Mexico.

Gallenkamp, Charles: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization, Maya.

Young, Biloine Whiting: Cahokia, the Great Native American Metropolis.

White, Jon Manchip: Everyday Life of the North American Indian.

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