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GURPS Wizards

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Written by Sean Punch * Additional material by Alex Koponen * Edited by Jack Elmy
Illustrated by Matt Cavotta, John Hartwell, Eric Hotz, Dan Smith, and Tonia Walden
Cover art by Rowena

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

130 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 30-6411
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128 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 6411 * ISBN 1-55634-270-5
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Ever wanted to design a wizard but been boggled by the rules or stumped by creative block? GURPS Wizards is the solution: a complete guide to wizard design. Inside you'll find essays on 28 wizard archetypes, accompanied by templates that let you quickly design complete and efficient characters. The role of each wizard is discussed, along with suggestions for integrating it into a campaign and specific advice on attributes, advantages, disadvantages, skills and spells.

Wizards covers . . .

  • Traditional wizards, such as the apprentice, demon, elementalist, enchanter, healer, illusionist, necromancer and seer.
  • Magic-using versions of the assassin, bodyguard, inventor, law enforcer, martial artist, spy, statesman, thief and warrior.
  • Variant wizards, like the alchemist, druid, improvised magic user, knack wizard, priest, rune-mage and shaman.
  • Wizards who don't use magic at all, including the charlatan, psi, ritual magician and super mage.

Wizards also includes a template system that walks you through the process of creating guidelines that will help your players make capable and balanced characters. A special section on wizard templates discusses not just spells, but also the special abilities that appear in Cthulhupunk, Mage, Psionics, Religion, Supers and Voodoo. Other features include "quick" and "instant" alchemy, expanded rules for knacks and Magery, and notes on replacing spells with super powers, psi skills and ritual magic.

Wizards offers players and GMs alike sound advice on creating viable and original characters. Each template also comes with 4 examples that cover multiple settings, TLs and power levels, giving you 112 complete sample characters from over a dozen genres that are ready to use as PCs or NPCs.

Welcome to the Guild, apprentice . . .

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