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GURPS Action 2: Exploits – Cover

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GURPS Action 2: Exploits

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Written by Sean Punch * Edited by Nikola Vrtis
Additional material by S.A. Fisher and Hans-Christian Vortisch
Illustrated by Dan Smith and John Hartwell * Production art by Nikola Vrtis

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

50 pages. PDF. * Price $11.00 * Stock number 37-0308
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52 black-and-white pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $15.95
Stock number 01-6182 * ISBN 978-1-63999-007-8
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You have your guns and your backup guns. You have your sick ride with a trunk full of explosives, high-tech gizmos, and of course a few more guns. You've assembled a crack team of commandos, street-smart lawmen, suave super-spies, and world-class burglars . . . maybe all of them at once! You're ready to rock and roll. All you need is a target.

GURPS Action 2: Exploits gives players hundreds of ways to show off their heroes' skills on adventures. Highlights include cat burglary, parkour, and dozens of other physical feats . . . techno-thrills ranging from stay-at-home hacking to hands-on surveillance . . . polite and not-so-polite social engineering . . . and much, much more. You're just reading the teaser, after all!

For the GM, Exploits supplies the tools to challenge and threaten a whole team of heroes. Advice on forging classic action-movie scenes into adventures that spotlight all the heroes is woven through everything, along with input on having cunning henchmen pull stunts of their own – up to and including using WMD! There's also GM-only material on handling Assistance Rolls and Duty, and on making everybody useful.

And of course everybody will appreciate the quick-and-dirty chase system and rules for speeding up combat, complete with new cinematic options!

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