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GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition Revised – Cover


Basic Set art, Page 17

Basic Set art, Page 69

What They're Saying About GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition

GURPS has a very easy-to-love core of basic rules, and numerous advanced and optional rules, so that you can fine-tune the level of detail and speed you like.
RPGnet review by Bob Portnell, September 28th, 1997.

Between the Basic Set and the Compendiums, nothing is impossible under GURPS.
RPGnet review by Bradford C. Walker, May 3rd, 1998.

[T]he layout of the Basic Set (and most supplements) is easy to use, and well indexed, making good use of sidebars for more specific areas.
RPGnet review by George Phillips, October 8th, 1999.

You could easily start playing without a worldbook, but you may want one to see the kinds of things that go into a campaign world.
RPGnet review by Greg Jeffries, May 9th, 2000.

[I]t works very well for almost any other type of campaign, whether it be low point, low powered fantasy, the amazingly high point total "men like gods" cinematic action of GURPS Black Ops or the random silliness of GURPS Illuminati University.
RPGnet review by Sam Lindsay-Levine, October 7th, 1999.

Character creation and development is extremely flexible, allowing a much wider range of PC's than most games.
Review by John H. Kim.

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