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GURPS Conspiracy X – Cover

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GURPS Conspiracy X

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Written by M. Alexander Jurkat * Published by Eden Studios

288 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $15.00
Stock number EDN0024 * ISBN 1-89115-324-2
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290 pages. PDF. * Price $15.00 * Stock number EDN0024
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Steve Jackson Games has licensed Eden Studios to publish GURPS Conspiracy X. This book combines the rich background of mystery, horror and intrigue found in Eden's Conspiracy X with the popular and powerful Generic Universal RolePlaying System.

In Conspiracy X, players take the role of certain governmental officials, from FBI agents to CIA spies to NSA codebreakers to Army Rangers and many more. The bond between these professionals is a super-secret organization called Aegis, formed in the aftermath of the Roswell, NM alien sighting and dedicated to countering alien and supernatural menaces wherever they may arise.

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