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GURPS Dark Places – Cover

GURPS Dark Places

Compiled by Philip Reed * Edited by Andrew Hackard * Cover art by Christopher Shy

There are places in this world that are just bad. Haunted houses, abandoned cemeteries, desecrated churches . . . even whole ghost towns. Whether corrupted by human wickedness, haunted by demons, or blasted by powers from beyond, these are places that draw death and madness. They are magnets for evil . . . and for heroes. The mysteries must be solved, the corruption burned out, the menace revealed to the world.

GURPS Dark Places presents over 50 of these cursed spots. From all across the globe, from the 19th century to the late 21st, these settings will inspire GMs and players alike and contribute to any game of horror, mystery, or conspiracy.

Each location includes maps and description, history, adventure seeds, and resident characters or monsters. Game statistics are included, where appropriate, and are easy to adapt to any game system.

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