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Recognised Divinity

This was cut from the book. It is an unofficial advantage for the Discworld Roleplaying Game.

Recognised Divinity (5 points)

You are a Discworld divinity, with at least one sincere worshipper.

This does not in itself imply any particular power; the Advantage reflects the fact that other deities acknowledge your status, however guardedly, and will address you as an equal. There are also certain accepted conventions and rules governing relations between deities, which are just sufficient to prevent all-out divine civil war. For example, direct inter-god violence is frowned upon (that is what worshippers are for). Also, any deity may request a boon of any other; the snag is that the deity who performs the favour may set any vaguely plausible price, and may decide what it should be, and when and where to take it, later. Naturally, such prices are rarely small.

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