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GURPS Powers: Divine Favor – Cover

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GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

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Written by Jason "PK" Levine * Illustrated by Paul Daly and Jean Elizabeth Martin

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

18 pages. PDF. * Price $6.00 * Stock number 37-0139
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When All Else Fails . . . Pray!

In times of trouble, believers in many settings may call on a higher power for help. Some of the time, that higher power answers the call . . .

GURPS Powers: Divine Favor presents a complete system for miraculous intervention. Subtle or stupendous, quiet or cacophonous, the powers herein are perfect for any holy-minded hero hoping to save his friends, the world, or even his soul. This supplement contains:

  • Rules for the Divine Favor trait, a leveled ability that enables the faithful to harness the power of prayer.
  • Rules for general, specific, and learned prayers. The cosmos knows and understands the difference between "Get us out of this mess!" and "Smite my enemies with a rain of fire!" – whether it intervenes is up to faith, need, and the whims of fate.
  • Pre-calculated prayers, serving both as ready-to-buy accessible miracles for heroes and as a guide for GMs as to what's possible with Divine Favor. Powers range from modest miracles (such as feeding the masses or walking through fire) to impressive invocations (including the power to sense true evil or walk on water) to world-shaking works of faith – the sun shall blot, the seas shall part, and the dead shall rise!

Whether playing a near-historical novitiate in a religious order, an Old West preacher hoping to keep his congregation safe from the darkness for another day, or a believer in the "old ways" of a fantastic tomorrow, this supplement is like an answered prayer. With GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, faith can move mountains!

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