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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 18: Power Items – Cover

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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 18: Power Items

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Written by Sean Punch * Illustrated by Dan Smith and Nikola Vrtis

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

14 pages. PDF. * Price $6.00 * Stock number 37-0334
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More Power for Your Powers

Delvers love gear . . . and cool abilities . . . and loot. Power items are where the three meet: Kill the monster, grab the treasure, and transform a valuable-but-useless bauble into a potent adventuring tool, exploiting the fact that the fanciest items can hold the most supernatural energy. The result is a reserve for fueling your spells, powers, and special skills – handy insurance for times when your personal stores simply aren't enough.

Of course, the first thing a seasoned adventurer will ask is, "Surely there are ways to bend the laws of nature and magic to squeeze even more out of this resource?" Indeed there are, and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 18: Power Items is here to reveal them to you:

  • Become an expert in the occult rules governing power items – because what you know, you can exploit!
  • Learn what can be a power item and what part of the price tag counts, so you know exactly what loot to keep.
  • Find out how to upgrade your existing power item to hold even more energy (and use the extended table to figure out exactly how much).
  • Discover different kinds of power items (including endurance items) and make sure you have one of each.
  • Quest for rare processes and rituals that can supercharge your power item or turn it into an "item of power."
  • Acquire power-ups that let you have more and better power items, and even recharge them in the field!

For the GM's benefit, all this comes with clear statements on the limits of power items, as well as optional rules for keeping power items from getting out of control. Because with great power comes great responsibility. Not to mention munchkins.

Player or GM, get ready to power up your game!

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