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GURPS Encounters: The Mysterious Airfield – Cover

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GURPS Encounters: The Mysterious Airfield

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Written by Carolyn Ivy Stein and Stephen Kenneth Stein * Edited by Nikola Vrtis

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

22 pages. PDF. * Price $4.00 * Stock number 37-1162
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Cleared for Landing, but Not Cleared for [REDACTED]

Despite its celestial-sounding name, Venus Field Air Force Base is a regular, down-to-earth boneyard of discarded and near-forgotten aircraft from bygone conflicts and eras. And although it is detailed in full within a supplement entitled GURPS Encounters: The Mysterious Airfield, the Powers That Be wish to assure you that this airfield is in no way mysterious, and also that any mysterious Powers That Be are not behind (beneath?) the scenes – or, in fact, even exist.

The information herein describes five different eras – from post-WWII to today – along with adventure seeds and personnel details. The airfield is perfect for myriad cinematic GURPS campaigns: Action, Monster Hunters, Supers, Horror, and more. It also features a detailed map of the secre- that is, completely mundane, not-at-all-mysterious airfield. You have been warned.

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