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GURPS Social Engineering – Cover

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GURPS Social Engineering – 2012 Silver ENnie

2012 Silver ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book

GURPS Social Engineering

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Written by William H. Stoddard * Edited by Jason "PK" Levine
Illustrated by Paul Daly, Eric Hotz, and Joyce Maureira

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

88 pages. PDF. * Price $15.00 * Stock number 37-0140
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90 black-and-white pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $24.95
Stock number 01-6195 * ISBN 978-1-55634-986-7
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Be More Social!

Since the dawn of time, humans have relied on social abilities to survive, thrive, and ensure the continuation of the species. However, these interactions have traditionally been addressed with far fewer rules than combat and other physical challenges. GURPS Social Engineering changes everything.

This supplement provides detailed rules for every type of common social interaction. Now it's easy to play a hero who's charming, deceptive, intimidating, or witty, even if you're not! In addition to an extensive overview on the possibilities of social interactions in a campaign, this supplement includes:

  • A detailed examination of Rank, Status, Reputation, and more, including new options and possibilities for each trait.
  • Systems for one-on-one interactions, including using Influence skills and social-perception abilities – as well as both indirect and group interactions. Haggle in person, intimidate by phone, or orchestrate a group con!
  • An in-depth look at reaction rolls in GURPS, including commercial transactions, requests for aid, searching for people and things, and romance.
  • Details on deception – learn how your hero can distract, lie, or assume a false identity . . . or spot such dishonesty.
  • Rules for building relationships, including details on how to establish trust and personal loyalty, and new options for Allies, Contacts, Dependents, and Patrons.
  • Extensive insight on organizations: how to find, infiltrate, and influence any type of group – including your place of employment!
  • Rules for hostile organizations. Discover the mechanics behind arrest, imprisonment, brainwashing, and more.
  • Systems for influencing groups of people. Start rumors, influence the media, advertise, conduct psy ops, or get involved in politics!
  • Insight into more forceful measures, including intimidation, inciting a riot, taunting, and how to start – or avoid – a fight.

Whether you're shaking down a punk for information, tricking your way into a high-powered office, courting the governor's daughter, or performing a vital diplomatic function, GURPS Social Engineering has rules and tools you can use. It's a social world; become part of it!

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  • See Jason "PK" Levine's article "Inner Harmony" for optional rules allowing disadvantages to help situations (social and otherwise) instead of hurting them.
  • See our GURPS Resources page for general GURPS tools.

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